Health & Safety

“Safety at DV Oilfield is our commitment to ourselves and our clients…”

Safety at DV Oilfield is our commitment to ourselves and our clients.  Safety is easy when you have journeyman pipefitters supervising pipefitting, journeyman welders welding and supervising projects. Trained and knowledgeable Supervisors supervising our plant turnarounds.  Our Management team at DV Oilfield services is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, management, sub-contractors, our customers, contractors, and visitors . We also believe that environmental protection is a responsibility we all share and will strive to maintain a safe and healthy environment far into the future.  It is with these goals in mind that we have developed our Health and Safety Program and our Environmental Policy. By protecting our people and the environment, we are also protecting our business.  Adhering to all applicable legislation pertaining to our workplace, we have built safe work practices and emergency procedures into this program to encourage employee, owner and management participation and compliance.  Our commitment starts with proper training of rules, regulations and responsibilities, regular safety meetings, hazard assessments , PPE and unsafe work practices, company policies and procedures during the initial orientation, and continues with ongoing training to ensure that work is performed to above industry standards.  As a leader in our industry we have a specialized competency program known as DVOS Step Program.  Your competency and your wages are based on our intricate DVOS Step Program Graph .  The more training and knowledge you have, the more competent you are, and the higher up the graph you go.  Our commitment to safety continues with a make up of all levels of workers within the company and an ownership that stands behind the safety culture we have established.